Three Tips For Those Planning On Cooking While Camping

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Cooking using a campfire can be a romantic and relaxing way to make delicious food. Yet, there are many new campers that are unsure of what they should take with them to make delicious food, but these tips about camping cooking supplies will provide you with a more complete understanding about what you will need to have a successful camping cooking experience.

Use Stainless Steel Over Cast Iron

When you are going camping, reducing the amount of weight that you must carry can be essential. However, you will need at least a skillet to cook while you are camping. Often, new campers will assume that cast iron will be the best choice for a skillet. While cast iron skillets can be extremely effective at cooking over an open fire, they are extremely heavy, which can make them difficult to carry if you plan on hiking to your camping spot. A better option may be stainless steel. This type of skillet will be able to withstand the flames, but it will be far lighter than a cast iron skillet.

Consider A Portable Food Processor

If you are planning on making an elaborate meal while you are camping, it may be necessary to finely dice or chop ingredients. Unfortunately, this can be difficult in a camping setting because you may not have a surface that is level enough and the lighting may be insufficient. Luckily, you do not have to manual chop or dice your ingredients because you can invest in a portable food processor. These processors utilize batteries to power the motor. While these batteries will need to be periodically recharged, they are usually strong enough to last several meal preparations before they need to be replaced or recharged.

Opt For Dehydrated Vegetables

Vegetables can be another heavy item to carry with you while you are hiking to a camping spot. In addition to being burdensome to carry, the intense heat can cause them to spoil before you reach your camping site.

Utilizing dehydrated vegetables can be a great way of minimizing both of these issues. By simply adding water to the vegetables when you need them, you can easily incorporate vegetables into your dishes to add nuance to the flavors and texture. Dehydrated vegetables can usually be found at most camping supply or army surplus stores. While they will be more expensive than fresh vegetables, eliminating the risk of spoilage and the reduction in weight will make this expense worth it for your camping trip.

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