3 Eco-Friendly Options For Residential Roofs

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When you need to get a new roof, it is important to consider a number of different factors, such as cost, how long it is expected to last and the amount of time it will take to install. However, it is also important to remember that in today's world, you can also choose from eco-friendly roofing options. Therefore, the following advice will help you choose the right roof while also being kind to the environment.

#1-Recycled Plastic Shingles

If you like the standard shingles that are seen on many roofs, you may be pleasantly surprised when you discover shingles that are made of recycled plastic. They will often resemble slate tiles and allow you to replace the occasionally damaged shingle in the future, just as you could with a more traditional shingle. Plastic shingles are one example of synthetic shingles and often include other ingredients as well, like recycled rubber and previously used fillers.

Since an roof made of asphalt shingles can last as little as 12 years, its lower initial cost can actually become very expensive f you continue to re-use the same materials over a lifetime of owning your home. In comparison, recycled plastic shingles are often made of recycled industrial plastic and it is important to note that they often present with a 50 year warranty.   

#2-Shingles Made From Reclaimed Wood

One of the more popular materials used in roofs has been western cedar. It is easy to assume that since that type of wood can be created without overly stressing the environment, it is an eco-friendly product. The truth is that harvesting old woods for new products is not a sustainable plan over time. 

A better option is to purchase shingles made of re-claimed wood. Its preparation is easier for the environment and the use of re-claimed wood will obviously prevent usable wood from taking up space in landfills needlessly.

#3-Garden Roofs

A third and unique example of an eco-friendly roof is a garden or green roof. It provides you with the ability to create a roof with personalized aesthetic appeal for a reasonable cost. You can create a garden made of popular greenery that are commonly seen in your area, like native grasses and wildflowers. Other options for a garden roof include using re-claimed wood to make planters and introducing pavers to more clearly define the boundaries between the greenery. 

Since the garden roof is placed immediately over your roof, its placement will require placing at least a few of inches of healthy soil to encourage growth.    Depending on the severity of the existing damage to your roof, you may find that a green roof can be installed for a minimum cost. That is because the the greenery provides insulation and a great way to naturally cool your home. However, you should remember that the extra weight of a garden roof may require you to reinforce and regularly examine your home's foundation.   

In conclusion, an eco-friendly roof is a responsible choice that can benefit you in many ways. As a result, it is important to make an informed decision and use the above advice when making the important decision about the type of roof that your home needs. Contact an area roofer, like Wayne Siding & Home Improvements, for more info.